Starperks Is An Easy, Cost-Effective Way To Reward Your Star Performers

Did you know that 73% of employees say they don’t feel recognized enough at their jobs?

Disenchanted employees can directly impact bottom-line profits. Star Performers can rapidly lose hope and give up trying.

Starperks is a simple-to-implement program to meet your performance goals. You hand out Starperk Cards which recipients redeem for tax-free gifts. Our programs are easy to administer and employees and customers love them.

“I like the Starperk Safety Incentive Program because it gives me a chance to tell my employees what they did RIGHT, instead of what they did wrong.” - General Motors Manager

“Your company has done a fantastic job for Cooper Smith.The Starperk program and your help and direction have been instrumental in helping us reduce accidents AND promote a safe working environment.” – John Johnson, President & COO, Cooper Smith Inc.

How it Works

When employees (or customers) meet your objectives, award them Starperk Scratchoff game cards. Every card earns points -- 1, 5, 10 or 50 points. Every card is a winner!

Every Card Includes an Additional Chance To Win

Every card includes a STAR bonus area that when scratched, reveals one of these letters: S, T, A or R. When all letters are collected 50 bonus points are awarded.

Are You Ready for a Dream Vacation?

Every StarPerks program purchase qualifies you to win Deluxe Dream Vacations guaranteed just for your company. Ask us for details!

“After negotiating a change in our union contract the union president told me:‘We’ll pay for part of our insurance, but if you try to take those StarPerks away,we’ll have to put on the boxing gloves!’ I knew right then we had a winner with our StarPerk Program.” – Kenny Sawyer, Dorsey Trailers


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