Safety Scratch Offs

starperk safety scratchoff

Easy-to-implement program where you distribute scratch off cards worth points toward trips and prizes. Learn More


Online Points Program


Customize your own points program and give employees the ability to redeem points online. Add it as an overlay to any BBS or safety program.

A great article on employee engagement

Aubrey Daniels wites:

"Employee engagement is one of the latest topics to make headlines in today’s strained economy.  Just last week, (Less Pay. More Hours. Unhappy Workers.) reported that many American workers have admitted to doing the bare minimum to keep from getting fired.   Unfortunately morale isn’t the only thing affected by just getting by; productivity also declines.  To further the point, in a survey by the Workforce Institute at Kronos, 40% of those surveyed report that productivity has been negatively impacted and of those, another two-thirds admit that employees are less motivated then before."


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Making Good Health Easy

Bill is mentioned in a recent time magazine article on It's seven weeks into the new year. Do you know where your resolution is? If you're like millions of Americans, you probably vowed to lose weight, quit smoking and drink less in 2009. You kicked off January with a commitment to long-term well-being--until you came face-to-face with a cheeseburger. You spent a bundle on a shiny new gym pass. Turns out, it wasn't reason enough for you to actually use the gym.

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Safety Incentive Programs, What Works?

Continued . . .

While the philosophy behind such programs seemed sound (giving rewards to employees for results), there were a number of criticisms levelled at such programs by some safety consultants, some union leaders and even OSHA. First and foremost on the list of concerns was the idea that such programs could create pressure on employees not to report accidents, injuries, near misses or other incidents so as to keep the "record" intact. While one might expect that coworkers would lead this pressure (and they frequently did), there were even some documented cases of supervisors and managers pressuring employees not to report accidents. These cases tended to be in situations where rewards that were designated for teams or whole departments were on the line.


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